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Albany EMS

Albany EMS was founded in 1975 under the name of the Albany Community Health Planning Council. Through the years, Albany EMS has been at the forefront of emergency pre-hospital care in Green County.

In 2000, Albany EMS took a step forward in providing optimal patient care by becoming certified as an Advanced EMT Service. As an AEMT unit, certified crew members can administer IV therapy, prescribed cardiac drugs such as Nitro, albuterol for breathing difficulties and IV Dextrose for diabetic emergencies. These advance care techniques will greatly enhance the pre-hospital care for all patients in need of emergent medical care.  In 2019, under flexible staffing legislation, current paramedics with approval from the medical director can operate at the paramedic level when an approved paramedic is on the ambulance.  At minimum, we provide Advanced EMT level service on each call. 

In the spring of 2016, with great support and assistance given by the whole community, Albany EMS was able to purchase and welcome a new ambulance.  This ambulance features a self-loading power cot which decreases the potential for back injuries to the EMTs.  The ambulance also carries a cardiac monitor capable of defibrillation and acquiring EKG’s and an automatic CPR device that provides constant quality compressions to a patient in cardiac arrest.

As a service, Albany EMS offers three levels of patient care:

  •     Emergency Medical Responder, which can provide skills such as airway management and trauma care.
  •     Emergency Medical Technicians, which can provide airway management, trauma care, basic cardiac care and give some medications.
  •     Advanced Emergency Technician, which can provide the care of a basic EMT but can also administer more medications and provide IV therapy.

Monthly trainings, special conferences, and other educational resources allow crew members to stay up to date in the latest developments of emergency medicine. In 2000, Albany EMS was one of three finalists statewide for “The EMS Service of the Year” awarded by the Wisconsin EMS Association.

Albany EMS is always in search of new members to enter this challenging and rewarding field.  For more information on joining The Albany EMS team you may Email [email protected]


President: Tonya Stephan
Vice President: Mark Riedel
Secretary: Laurie Keepers
Treasurer: Kari Briggs
Member: Ricky DeNure
Member: Fran Kubesh
Member: Sam Keller
Member: Deanna Hubert
Member: Teri Daily
Director: Kari Briggs

Current Albany EMS Crew Members

  • Erin Briggs  AEMT
  • Kari Briggs AEMT
  • Samantha Detra AEMT
  • Christie Fry EMT-B
  • Emalee Fry EMT-B
  • John Frydenlund AEMT
  • Deanna Hubert EMR
  • Stephen Hubert Driver
  • Mandy Jones RN, AEMT
  • Lisa Keeley Driver
  • Alexis Kennedy EMT-B
  • Amy Kennedy RN, AEMT
  • Troy Kramer Driver
  • Teresa Martin EMT-B
  • Justin Mueller AEMT
  • Nate Phillips AEMT
  • Skylar Quade EMT-B
  • Mark Riedel AEMT
  • Tonya Stephan AEMT
  • Jennifer Wahl EMT-B
  • Bruce Walz  Driver
  • Dean Walz* (Honorary)
  • Brandi Wirth AEMT 

Albany Area Emergency Medical Services is an EMS provider licensed by the State of Wisconsin to provide 24 hour a day health care services to those in need.  We incorporate compassionate care with new technology provided by trained members.  If you need an ambulance, be assured that you will be getting some of the best care available by members of your own community!  

What we offer for the community-

  • CPR/CCR training by certified American Heart Association instructors
  • First Aid training through Blackhawk Technical Collage
  • Car seat installation and inspections (by appointment)
  • Tours of the station and ambulance
  • Blood pressure checks (stop in anytime, if someone is here they will check it for you)  



2016 Member of the Year             2017 Member of the Year          2018 Member of the Year    
             Julie Flood                              Stephen Hubert                                Christie Fry                           
                                                     40 year Service Award                30 Year Service Award
                                                          John Frydenlund                            Laurie Keepers


2020 Member of the Year    2021 Member of the Year
       Tonya Stephan                          Erin Briggs


                                                                   Always training for the next emergency

Over 70 years of combined service to Albany EMS !!

It’s not always about saving lives.  We have a great group of people that truly are a family!


Interested in becoming part of our family? Stop in, contact any current member or click on the link below and print out an application.

AAEMS Crew Application

Albany Area EMS
208 North Water St.
Albany, WI 53502 
[email protected].